Miklos Zsitva-zsitvam_eng

Zsitva Miklós : Harvest
23 cm wooden sculpture (The collection of the gallery)






HUNGARY 1086 Budapest Szeszgyár utca 2/b     Mail: rozsacom@rozsagaleria.com--zsitvam_eng

Miklós Zsitva


He was born in 1916 on Ipolyszalka. Was training to be a joiner young, the neighborhood called on his masters and a joiner's workshops. Was put in 1950 onto Budapest and worked here until his superannuating until 1970. Set about it then now already hobby for the carving and until the end of his life only carved and carved. He mentions that all of the workshop's nooks are full of woodcarving already in the writing of a biography. We registered this fact personally in the course of our visits. We got to know a quiet, modest man in him who - and this shows on his sculptures – in all pieces of wood , noticed the shape in a stump and unfolded it his captivity, created the sculpture. All of his sculptures the sign of his affection with little inscriptions supplied, with cheerful ones, if he may have made it. We liked this with Csilla in the workshop's solitude marched off person with feelings. The God rests him.

Miklos Zsitva-zsitvam_eng

Zsitva Miklós : Pig killing
15 cm wooden sculpture (The collection of the gallery)


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