Makai Hedvig

Makai Hedvig : Skaters
45x55 cm oil on fibreboard (illustrations)

Makai Hedvig

Makai Hedvig : Flower Market
20x30 cm oil on fibreboard (illustrations)

Rose Naive Art Gallery-Hungary

Hedvig Makai

Hedvig Makai was born 1940 in Hungary. She has been habitually painting since 1971. Almost every picture by her recalls life in the village: the wedding march, the vine harvest, Christmas, several external natural enviroments and interiors. Makai has had many exhibitions in Hungary and abroad. She is the most popular naive painter from Hungary in Japan. Her paintings may be found at many private collections all over the World. Csilla Szabo's favorite and beloved artists.

Makai Hedvig

Makai Hedvig : Wedding in Winter
60x80 cm oil on fibreboard (illustrations)

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