Mrs Gombkötő born Ilona Tóth

Rose naive art gallery,Mrs Gombkoto

Gombkötőné : Virágok- Flowers
45x86 cm oil on fibreboard (collection of the Gallery)

HUNGARY 1086 Budapest Szeszgyár utca 2/b Mail:


She was born in 1933 in Hungary. She has been painting since 1981 and exhibiting since 1982. She has recieved several awards and acknowledgment in her own country and abroad , including the Grand Prix of the 8th Naive Art Biennal , organized in June 1997 at the Naive Art Museum in Jagodina. Most of her paintings offer snippets of peasant life. Her pictures are cheerful with figures surround by a myriad of flowers. Preferences: Dr. Bánszky Pál : The wild flowers of fine art 1997. She has the presented painting in the collection of the gallery.

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